Wow, long male masturbation, what an interesting topic! Whenever the topic of masturbation comes up, I can’t help but blush and stare in awe.​ In my teenage years, the idea of a long masturbation session was too much to bear.​ The whole concept seemed daunting, and honestly, a bit overwhelming – not to mention I wasn’t sure how I could make it last longer.​

But, when I started to learn more about the topic and shed my inhibitions, I realized that there were actually many ways to make the experience more enjoyable.​ With the help of some professional advice and thorough online research, I was able to build a repertoire of techniques to maximize the pleasure and minimize the boredom of longer masturbation sessions.​

I started by taking my time and setting the scene – a quiet, comfortable and inviting spot with candles and soft music.​ I would light incense, take a hot bath and rub my body with fragrant oils.​ At first, I was incredibly nervous, but after a while, I found that all of these rituals pushed my mind and my body into a more relaxed, aroused state.​

Then, I would begin to experiment with different strokes and techniques to find what felt best to me.​ The thrill of discovering different erogenous zones was a journey of self-discovery and I found myself wanting to explore and experiment more and more.​ And, instead of focusing on the end-goal, I savored each and every wave of pleasure that came my way.​

I also started utilizing techniques such as taking breaks, as well as fantasizing and role-playing.​ All of these triggered different sensations that added variation to my masturbation sessions and, before I knew it, I was having intense and deeply satisfying orgasms.​

Nowadays, long male masturbation is a staple of my routine and something I look forward to.​ It has become an intimate expression of my sexuality and a liberating experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.​

Sometimes, I like to incorporate other techniques into my solo sessions or bring a partner into the mix for a more sensual approach.​ One of my favorite techniques is tantra, which helps me connect more deeply with my partner and explore our desires in a more intimate way.​ Different breathing techniques can help extend and maximize the pleasure – as well as my ability to enjoy the experience without reaching for a quick finish.​

In addition, vibrators mutual masturbation can be a fantastic way to explore and deepen our understanding of each other’s bodies and pleasure points.​ It is surprising how much we can learn from each other’s body language and reactions to different types of stimulation.​

Playing with toys is also a fun way to spice things up and explore the various sensations of masturbation.​ Different textures can enhance the experience in truly amazing ways – I love using sex dolls to recreate the feeling of real skin against my own.​

I also love using suction toys and Penis Rings vibrators, as well as BDSM tools such as cuffs, floggers and vibrators to bring a more intense level of pleasure to my solo sessions.​ All of these tools can help me lengthen and deepen my masturbation sessions to levels I never thought possible.​

Moreover, I found that yoga and meditation were also incredibly useful practices for grounding myself and getting into a relaxed and erotic state of mind.​ Closing my eyes and slowing down to observe each wave of pleasure has yielded incredibly rewarding results.​

Long male masturbation is a rewarding and liberating experience that can be enjoyed and explored in many different ways.​ I am so glad I finally made the jump and embraced a more experimental approach to my solo self-care routine.​ It certainly has been a journey of self-discovery and growth.​

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