My friend and I were discussing the latest internet sensation the other day–”when your sex toys come from your boyfriend’s shop memes” and I couldn’t help but giggle thinking about it! I mean, it’s so funny that his shop is providing all of the goodies. To me, sex dolls that just shows how much he cares about me, and also how confident he is to be selling things like that. Plus, it just adds a little bit of spice to our relationship, don’t you think?

I remember the first time I found out my boyfriend owned a sex shop. I was shocked but I was also kind of turned on! I mean, it was definitely unexpected and a little out there, but there was something special and exciting about it. After a bit of shock, I immediately started looking around and seeing what he had to offer.

My favorite part about my boyfriend’s sex shop was his customer service. He made sure to explain everything thoroughly and provide tips on using the products. He would even go as far as to help pick out the best product for someone’s individual needs. It was nice to see that he took such good care of me and his customers. Plus, it was just fun knowing that my boyfriend was a bit of a scientist when it comes to sexy things.

Another thing I love about buying sex toys from my boyfriend’s shop is that it feels like a separate part of our relationship. We could talk openly and honestly about what we wanted without feeling weird or embarrassed. Plus, it made it much easier to buy items together; we could get what the other person liked or something totally different.

I definitely recommend if you’re in a relationship and your significant other has a sex shop, give it a try! It brings a whole new level of intimacy and fun. Buying sex toys from him and having something so personal between us gives us a special connection that can’t quite be compared to anything else. Who knows, vibrators maybe now it’s your turn to get some pleasure and spice up your relationship a bit!

Let’s move on to the next topic: talking about sex openly with your partner. I remember the first time I had a conversation about what I like in bed with my boyfriend. It definitely made me feel a bit awkward, but in the end I realized it was much better than not saying anything at all.

By talking about what I wanted and what I liked, I was able to explore new aspects of our relationship. I could talk to him confidently about what kind of sensations I wanted and what kind of activities I liked. Soon enough, I noticed that this kind of communication allowed us to have an even better sexual experience, since we both knew where the other person stood.

Importantly, it also improved our connection; by talking about sex openly with our partner, we were able to build trust and intimacy. We felt more connected, more open with each other. Moreover, it made it okay to disagree, so that we could both talk and compromise on different aspects of our sex life.

What’s more, when I talked about sex with my boyfriend I was able to learn even more about him too. He would tell me about his interests, what he liked and what he didn’t. Because of this, I started to understand his desires and fantasies.These kinds of conversations really fire up the connection between us.

So, the next time you’re in a relationship and think about buying sex toys from your partner’s shop, go for it! And don’t forget to talk about it openly. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

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