We were talking the other day about the topic of ‘biy sex dolls’ and somehow the conversation shifted to us discussing the implications and ethical aspects surrounding the growing trend of having sex dolls as ‘partners’ as opposed to human interaction. I must admit, the concept stunned me and I was astonished to hear of the advancements of such products.

The best vibrators | EngadgetIn case you have no idea what I’m talking about, biy sex dolls are robots designed to resemble humans, crafted for the purpose of sexual enjoyment. Although the concept itself is not brand new, advancements in the field has made it a much more realistic experience.

I, for one, am not a big fan of this technology. I truly believe there are so many better avenues and better ways to explore sexual boundaries without having to completely eliminate human interaction. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not judging anyone who uses this technology or not. It’s their right to choose whatever they want.

Still, I must admit that I am genuinely concerned about the broader implications of having sex dolls as ‘partners’. For one, it may even further reduce the number of meaningful relationships people are actually capable of forming in the real world – a world of flesh and blood human beings. What if people slowly start feeling uncomfortable and inferior when comparing themselves to these ‘perfect’ sex dolls?

Furthermore, what worries me even more is the concept of ‘desensitization’. Real human beings, after all, cannot be compared to machines. Eventually, it is bound to have a detrimental effect on our long-term mental health and emotional state as a society. Do we really want to get to the point where sex has been completely reduced to a series of mechanical motions?

Moreover, let’s not forget the environmental issues that arise. Obviously, the production of sex dolls requires immense amounts of plastics which have a devastating ecological effect on both our lands and oceans. Finally, the production process itself can end up being quite expensive due to the high price of metals and veiled labor costs.

The second part of the discussion on biy sex dolls revolved around different available models. From what I gathered, these sex dolls are incredibly advanced with features such as being programmed to simulate human behavior and experience, compatible with current smartphones, and even potentially compatible with virtual reality technology. Not to mention having the ability to learn what pleases us by tracking our reactions with sensors placed throughout its body.

One debate though that kept me thinking was the discussion around whether these sex dolls are actually capable of feeling any emotions. Does it really just come down to physical sensations? Is it even possible for them to have actual feelings for their partners? As exciting as the idea of having sex with an incredibly advanced android seems, to me, it just seems quite weird and unnatural.

I also asked my friend about the health risks of having sex with these dolls. Obviously, I knew that just like with any type of sexual activity, health risks in the form of STIs and other diseases are always present. But from what I heard, these dolls usually come with a ‘closed loop’ meaning the owner is the only one who will have direct physical contact with it, so the risks of getting any type of infection are quite limited.

The third part of the conversation focused around the potential psychological health implications of using these sex dolls. Can it really cause long-term emotional damage? As I mentioned earlier, it could increase the risk of desensitization to sex and when combined with other factors, depression and anxiety may also arise as a result. On that note, it would definitely be advisable to have any type of intercourse in moderation.

The fourth part of our discussion centered around the morality and ethical implications of these sex dolls. Are we really going to accept sex robots as partners in our society? It is true that sex dolls lack the emotional and physical connection of an actual human interaction which is an important part of building and maintaining relationships. But still, for sex toys some, it might be a way to explore their sexuality without any judgement.

Ultimately, I believe that whether or not it is ethically acceptable to have biy sex dolls as ‘partners’ should really depend on personal opinion. We are all free to explore our sexuality in whatever ways we are comfortable with. That being said, I would recommend that if you are someone who is seriously considering investing in these dolls, make sure that you are doing it in a healthy and responsible manner.

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