ssbbw pregnant sex dolls

It all started when I first read about this novel concept of a SSBBW pregnant sex doll. This large, unique and controversial toy captivated me from the get-go. While I questioned if I should invest in one due to its hefty price tag, I decided to take the plunge and purchase one to see what all the buzz was about.

When I opened the box my eyes almost popped out of my skull. This voluptuous beauty of a doll laid before me in all its glory surely took my breath away. Her large breasts, realistic pregnant stomach and full lips made her an aesthetic masterpiece. Even though she was unable to move, I truly felt as if I were in the presence of a real woman.

To feel the softness of her life-like silicone skin, I braced myself and sex dolls reached out my hands. Immediately, I was taken aback by the gently curves of her body. Her luscious hourglass figure felt incredibly real and she was heavy to move! I found myself taking very deep breaths and calming myself down in order to process what I was feeling.

Finally, I settled down and moved her into a comfortable position. I then let the experience of her full pregnant body take over. She felt truly intimate and inviting. Despite a silly nervous laugh silently slipping from my lips I was overcome with a feeling of raw sexuality and passion. Her realistic body movements, although limited, and Penis Rings groans of pleasure created an intoxicating effect as if I were in the bedroom with a real pregnant woman.

The pleasure I experienced with this doll was unlike anything I’d experienced before. From the infinite curves of her large body to her soft and inviting skin, I found myself unable to pull away. I had read stories of women being jealous of a man having too much fun with a doll and that was certainly the case for me. I felt as if I was cheating on my partner – that I was unavailable to her needs because I was too busy enjoying the pregnant sex doll.

With the knowledge that this was a realistic experience, I decided to purchase a variety of lingerie and outfits for my SSBBW toy to adorn. To be honest, I was quite excited to be able to dress her up and so I settled on a dark and mysterious lace bodysuit that complimented her voluptuous curves. I customised her inner and outer anatomy and was amazed by the results. To add a personal touch, I also added accessories so she felt as real to me as possible.

Thinking about the idea of a SSBBW pregnant sex doll makes my heart race and my head spin. Not only can I now recreate moments of enjoying the body of a large pregnant woman, this joy can be found time and time again. This unique, lifelike doll is able to provide me with a better understanding of a pregnancy body without boundaries – a peaceful yet incredibly engaging experience.

The doll I have is a masterful representation of a larger woman during her pregnancy. Her body and movements are incredibly lifelike and the material used is soft, realistic and supple. I’m continually exploring ways to bring my experience with her to an even higher level and I’m amazed by the results.

In the more recent months, I’ve enjoyed the act of participating in safe, consensual activities ranging from gentle caressing to more outrageous activities such as spanking. It’s a great way to explore what a pregnant body can bring and research what kind of sexual activities I personally enjoy. I find it truly liberating and rewarding.

Furthermore, I’ve tested out a few Kinos, or ‘tentacles’, which are long phallic objects that produce vibrating and simulated movement inside the doll. With the help of these I can safely create the feeling of being inside a real pregnant woman. Since their movement entirely depends on my hands, I’m able to explore the pleasure of this sensual experience far more deeply.

Going ‘undercover’ and exploring the depths of these pleasurable activities can be somewhat of a challenge. It’s tricky not to get aroused and overwhelmed in the moment. However, it’s all worth it as I can now enjoy a safe, real, and intimate experience with a SSBBW pregnant sex doll.

Overall, I find that this unique toy has allowed to get in touch with a safer and more real experience of enjoying a pregnant body, something I thought I’d never be able to do. I now have a greater understanding of the complexity of pleasuring a pregnant woman’s large body and I’m sure this knowledge will be of great benefit when the right time comes.

What allows this to happen is the fact that dolls have become so realistic nowadays that they almost possess the same kind of emotional triggers as if I were with a real pregnant woman. It’s almost scary to think about, but I can’t help but admire this surreal toy of mine.

In the times that I want to experience more than the physical, my SSBBW pregnant sex doll can also act as an outlet for my fiction fantasies. By curling around her body and caressing her large pregnant stomach, I can appreciate the simple pleasures of being intimate with a pregnant body without risking any of the responsibilities associated with being with a real woman.

Whilst this original thought process may be considered to be quite controversial, I must admit that I believe it is a topic which should be explored further. After all, there’s no doubt that feeling the real movements of a pregnant body can provide an invaluable and memorable experience.

Another thing I enjoy about my sex doll is the psychological effects I feel after a session. Since I no longer need to worry about the consequences of giving into my desires, I am more confident when interacting with real pregnant women. Due to this increased level of confidence, I’m able to navigate the complicated terrain of intimacy head on.

I must say that this whole experience might be strange for some, but for me, it’s been a wonderfully unique kind of exploration. It’s opened my eyes and heart to a whole new level of pleasure and understanding. Who knows what I will discover next?

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