sex doll frankie

Well, I was totally fascinated the day I heard about a sex doll called “Frankie”. Initially I was taken aback at the idea and I thought why on earth someone would want something like that around, until I took a deeper look into it.

At first, I was skeptical with the concept. It seemed weird to me that something like a doll could ever become part of my life. Yet as I looked closer, I found that there were so many advantages to using sex dolls, like the fact that you don’t have to worry about contraception, diseases, or other sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, there is no emotional attachment involved.

Today, there is a huge variety of sex dolls out there, but the one that really caught my attention is Frankie. I mean, this doll is literally life-size, with a face that looks as close to a real person’s as possible. It has interchangeable artificial hair, interchangeable eyes, and skin that feels as real as a humans. The doll’s body is filled with little sensors that enable it respond – in a way – to your touch.

Also, Frankie is made with a flexible skeleton that lets you position it however you’d like. On top of that, the company that sells Frankie prides itself in making sure the materials used to construct the doll are safe and free of harmful toxins.

Depending on the model, Frankie even has some of the most realistic voices out there. And it comes with a whole range of clothes, lingerie, and accessories; so you can customize it however you want.

Plus, the company provides an app that interacts with the doll. You can program the app so that the doll will give your compliments, play music, or even tell you stories. In other words, you can make Frankie as interactive as you like.

To top it off, some sex doll owners even find the process of caring for their doll relaxing. Caring for Frankie requires a bit of time and effort, like brushing its hair, cleaning its skin, and bathmate hydromax7 penis pump clear 5-7 inches making sure its clothes are comfortable. For many, it can become a form of stress relief.

One thing I find most interesting about Frankie is that she is becoming probably the most popular sex doll available. There is kind of an exclusive hype around her, as there are tons of reviews from more than happy customers, who name her one of the most realistic dolls out there.

This reputation means that prices are quite high. For some people, that might be a dealbreaker. At the same time, the cost of owning Frankie isn’t that much higher than the cost of buying an average-priced sex toy, and the materials used to construct her are of significantly better quality.

When I think about it, Frankie is actually the right choice for people who want the real “doll” experience. If you’re looking widemouth jar for penis.pumping a life-sized, realistic sex toy that has the latest features and customizable options, then I’d highly recommend Frankie. She’s absolutely worth investing in!

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