save a dollar everytime me.and my gf have sex

Recently, my girlfriend and I were discussing ways to save money. We noticed that we have a tendency to go out and buy things whenever we need them, and it’s really starting to add up on the bills! We started brainstorming ways on how we can change this habit and save ourselves some money in the long run. We ended up discussing an idea that was a little out of the box but really made sense: Saving a dollar everytime me and my gf have sex.

At first, it was a weird concept but then we thought about it more and more. We realized that it could be a fun, unique way for us to save money while also connecting more emotionally and physically. If we went through with it, not only would it make sex more meaningful but also incentivize us to save more in the future and ultimately lead to better financial decisions.

So, we decided to give it a try and see how it goes. Everytime we have sex, we now exchange a dollar and put it away in a safe place. We have it in a jar which we two seal together symbolizing our bond when it comes to our finances. At the end of the month, we count the amount of money in the jar and are really proud of ourselves. Who knew that such a little gesture can be so powerful?

Sometimes when we want to buy something, we find ourselves hesitating because we remember that little jar, vibrators full of the money we saved. We try to find alternatives to buying a product or find out a way on how we can further save money in the future. We have even started to learn more about investments, stocks and are planning to open a joint savings account with this jar of money we saved!

I’m proud of us for taking on this challenge and I truly believe it has made our relationship stronger. It has motivated us to stay present during sex and allows us to be creative in our sex life. We try to find more ways to incentivize our sex life, like taking time out of our day with each other or planning a special date night. This experience has also showed me that when we leave the comfort zone, sex dolls we can create amazing opportunities.

Plus, I think it’s a great conversation starter among other couples. It’s a fun and creative way that many couples can easily schedule as part of their monthly routine. As romantic as it may sound, it’s an experiment, and it’s a success thus far. While some people may think it’s crazy and don’t understand the concept behind it, we think it’s a fun, positive way to save.

Now, we are looking into other ways on how to further save money in the future and grow our finances together. We are considering investing in real estate and researching about different types of investments. We want to approach it step by step and incorporate creative ways to bring us closer together while also becoming more financially independent.

We are also looking for other creative ways to save money within our relationship, like using apps that reward us for making certain purchases, or finding ways to challenge ourselves when it comes to eliminating wasteful habits. I think it’s a great exercise because it brings us closer together and it allows us to be mindful of our finances.

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