Leather Ankle & Toe Restraint


Ensure your sub is well restrained with this top quality leather bondage restraint. With fully adjustable straps it allows you to bind the ankles and toes together, restricting movement and degrading your willing submissive! Crafted from soft, supple leather with well finished seems it won’t rub or mark the skin. We loved it when we combined this ankle & toe restraint with the wrist & thumb restraint, all we needed then was a ball gag \”Et voila\”!
Ankle restraint: 59.7cm (23.5 inches) long, 5.7cm (2.25 inches) wide
Ankle to toe strap: 30.5cm (12 inches long), 1.9cm (.75 inches) wide
Toe restraint: 17.8cm (7 inches) long, 1.9cm (.75 inches) wide
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