Gangnam Style The Very Dirty Willy, Watch Me Grow


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Psy Pop Rocka Gangnam Style the Very Dirty Willy Watch Me Grow
Features: Ecstasy voice effects synchronously, a color is normal, very good sound;
With the body language, there will be exposure action is very normal!
Acoustic control induction mode, to detect 
sound, clapping, stomping, pats the table\’s voice will automatically trigger;
Packing: English version window box packaging (open please be careful, pay attention to avoid the important parts fall, causing unnecessary damage);
Packing size: 23.5 * 14.5 * 14.5 cm
Style: randomly mixed with the shipment;
Product material: plastic, electronic,components, cloth;
Battery power: 3 AA batteries
Weight 0.6 kg


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