Fur Lined Leather Wrist Cuffs


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Strong, sexy and softly lined, boasting the sensual suppleness of quality leather, these cuffs from Allure Leather were made to play hard, and feel great in the process. User friendly for the beginner, but definitely hardy enough for more serious bondage players, the Purple Passion Wrist Cuffs suit just about any bound-up pleasure pursuit.
Wide leather bands hold the trussed-up playmate tight, they secure with thinner leather bands wrapped and buckled around the exterior. A deliciously soft faux-fur lining cushions the skin, preventing chafing and other cuff-caused discomforts. 
Connecting the two cuffs is a big chrome colored lobster clasp, it was specially designed to pivot perfectly on the cuffs sturdy D-ring, contributing to the versatility and comfort of these particular cuffs. Aside from the removable clasp, you\’ll be able to utilize almost any bondage gear you already own, most tethers, straps and otherwise will work well. Fits most. Spot clean.
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