penis pump custom thong hillcrest

I was so excited to get my new Penis Pump Custom Thong Hillcrest! I had been browsing online and saw that this particular thong was designed specifically for a more comfortable and efficient penis pumping experience.​ I couldn’t wait to get it and see how it would work.​

When my custom thong arrived, I was astonished at the detail that had gone into it.​ It was made of high quality materials and even included a front-facing zipper for ease of use.​ It had also been tailored to my exact measurements and fitted perfectly.​ I put it on immediately for a test fit.​

The sensation was like no other.​ I felt buoyant and free, as if my penis pumping experience was now at a whole new level.​ I must admit that I even had a few extra “oomphs” during pumping, and I could feel my penis growing.​

I continued wearing the thong for all of my penis pumping sessions, cramming as much vacuum pressure as I possibly could.​ With the right technique, vibrators I found that I could achieve some serious results – all while feeling comfortable, my body never cramped.​ I was truly amazed.​

I wasn’t the only one who was impressed, either.​ My partner couldn’t help but gush over my newfound look, saying that my combination of increased size and increased confidence was irresistible.​ It really was the perfect way to spice up a bedroom experience.​

Plus, my thong was so easy to clean.​ I used the same cleaning products that I usually employed for my larger penis pump and it all came out perfect.​ This made the process so much easier, as I didn’t need to buy a special cleaning solution, and it worked just as well.​

Overall, I am so glad that I discovered Penis Pump Custom Thong Hillcrest.​ Not only do I get enjoy fun and effective penis pumping.​ I also get to feel sexy and confident, and that is an incredible feeling.​ I certainly recommend any man who is looking for a tailored experience to try this custom thong out.​

At the end of each session, I’d take off my thong, get out of my penis pump chamber and take a few minutes to admire my results.​ With the right vacuum pressure and technique, the changes were almost instantaneous.​ I could see more veins bulging out the surface, more girth in both my head and shaft, and I was even growing in length too.​

I also loved the feeling of the thong against my skin.​ It was insanely comfy and it felt like a second layer of skin.​ And I could hardly notice the zipper either, it was so nicely placed.​ It was a great investment and vibrators I absolutely loved it.​

I knew I had to use this thong every time I wanted to pump.​ There was no doubt that my penis pump experience had reached another level of pleasure.​ I’d seen the results and I felt totally satisfied knowing that I could trust my purchase.​

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