masturbate wearing jeans male

I couldn’t believe it when men tet me that wearing jeans and masturbating was a thing.​ I always thought wearing jeans was an impediment to self-pleasure – but then to hear that some guys do this, I was intrigued.​ I mean, how do the jeans manage not to get in the way?

Get .5 Inch Thicker InstantlyI had to find out more and I soon realized that it was entirely possible to make it work.​ My jeans were loose enough that I could easily slip my hand down without any trouble and it was surprisingly comfortable.​ It took a bit to get used to it but the extra pressure and friction from the denim made it an intense experience and I was amazed with the pleasure it brought me.​

The first few times I tried masturbating with my jeans on, I found that the sensations were intense and it was much faster to reach orgasm that without.​ Butt I also wondered if it was safe to do this kind of thing.​ Fortunately, the experts indeed say that it is safe, though you should still take some precautions and ease your way into it.​

To make sure I was doing it right, I asked a few guys who regularly engage in this activity how they do it.​ One guy told me he invested in a pair of skinny jeans that makes it easier to move your hands in and out.​ Another said that he uses several lube to reduce the friction and Penis Rings make the jeans nice and slippery.​

I tried both of these and was seriously impressed with the results.​ Wearing jeans has definitely become a part of my solo play routine and it feels amazing -not to mention it’s thrilling.​ I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and I’m sure that if you have the right jeans and the right techniques, you can experience the same too.​

The next thing I started to explore was the different positions I could use to masturbate wearing jeans.​ I tried out some lying and standing positions and found that a combination of the two worked the best.​ I’d lie down and then pump my hips to increase the sensations, and then stand up to shake things up and get some really intense vibrations going.​

The last thing I tried was adding extra items to the mix.​ Adding a tight belt around the top of my jeans, for example, sure increased the intensity even more.​ Using a vibrator on top of them jeans is also another great way to give yourself a unique sensation.​ The possibilities are endless and it’s all about having fun and discovering what feels good for you.​

After exploring the different pleasure options, now all I have to say is that I can’t believe I waited so long to explore this thrilling hobby.​ Masturbating in jeans is a great way to spice up your solo sessions, and I highly recommend it if you want to make your pleasure even more intense.​

Now, when it comes to deciding what to wear, you can always experiment with different types of jeans.​ Tight slim jeans, ripped jeans, or dildos flared-leg jeans, the options are practically endless.​

For me, I found that the best way to do it was to stick with a fitted slim jean which gave me the perfect amount of comfort and pressure.​ As long as the fit isn’t too tight, you should still have enough room to maneuver in and out with ease.​

I had no idea that I could experience such intense pleasure with just a pair of jeans on.​ It’s inspiring to know that some people can be so creative and think outside the box when it comes to finding pleasure for themselves.​

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, masturbating with jeans just might be the perfect thing for you.​ It’s not as crazy or out of the ordinary as it may seem.​ It’s definitely an experience that you should try out as you never know how amazing it can be.​

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