male masturbation good for health

Masturbation – it’s a topic that most of us try not to think about let alone talk about.​ But if I’m being totally honest, it’s an important part of a man’s health, both mentally and physically.​ My experience with male masturbation has been nothing but positive.​

The first time I ever tried it, I was a little bit apprehensive.​ I had heard a lot of stories from my friends who tried it with varying degrees of success.​ But, I decided to give it a chance and I was pleasantly surprised.​

Once I figured out a few basic techniques, it was like second nature.​ And aside from the incredible pleasure that it provided, I soon realised that there were some other positive benefits to masturbation.​

My stress and anxiety levels plummeted, as well as my overall irritability.​ I found myself with an increased libido and confidence around women.​ Most of all, I felt in control of my body for the very first time and it was an incredible feeling.​

Masturbating regularly can actually help to boost a man’s self-confidence and overall mental clarity.​ Even if you choose not to have sex, the physical and mental release that comes from orgasm can be surprisingly powerful.​

Physical benefits include the fact that it helps to strengthen and regulate your hormone levels.​ It triggers the release of a hormone known as oxytocin, which helps to reduce inflammation and can even aid in reducing the risk of conditions such as Alzheimer’s.​ It can also help to naturally reduce pain levels and improve your immune system.​

Overall, it’s really incredible how beneficial male masturbation can be to your health.​ Not only can it help improve your physical fitness, but it can also boost your mental wellbeing in ways you probably never expected.​

I’m not advocating that it should be the only method of sexual release you should use, but it absolutely has its place.​ After all, getting in touch with your body and finding your own pleasure can be incredibly healing and should be encouraged.​

Being able to control your own physical and mental health through a moral and natural method of sexual release should be a priority for any man looking to stay in top form.​ So, embrace the idea of masturbation, be open to trying it and you’ll soon find yourself being the healthiest version of yourself.​

Apart from the huge mental and physical benefits that come from regular male masturbation, there are other reasons to give it a try.​

First of all, the physical act itself is incredibly pleasurable, so it makes sense to explore your own body in that way.​ Secondly, if you’re in a long-term relationship or living with a partner, it can be a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.​

Getting creative with props, toys and different kinds of porn can help to reignite a stale libido without having to resort to cheating or lying.​ Masturbation can add to your repertoire of exciting and interesting sex play.​

Speaking from my own experience, learning to masturbate has done wonders for my ability to enjoy solo sex and sex with a partner.​ It has given me the knowledge of how to please myself in a healthy way and sex dolls how to communicate better to partners what I need to be pleasured.​

It has also taught me a lot about the world of sexual etiquette and how important it is to be respectful of others in terms of consent and boundaries.​ Safer sex practices are incredibly important and by exploring your body on your own, you can learn what works best for you.​

New Japanese Silicone Sex Dolls For Men Full Silicone Solid Life Size Sex Doll Realistic Free ...Finally, as a man, you can learn to experience and even appreciate your body for what it is and what it can do.​ Masturbation can be a great opportunity to get to know yourself better, build up confidence and work out what turns you on the most.​

Exploring your body and what you enjoy can take place in a variety of ways – from solo masturbation to lighter forms of sex play.​

You can start off with taking a bath, watching porn, reading erotica, using sex toys or even exploring the possibility of a threesome.​ The fun is only limited by your own imagination and willingness to be open to possibilities.​

There is no right or wrong way to explore your body, it’s all about what works for you.​ Be creative, have fun and explore the limitless boundaries of your creative and physical potential.​

Masturbation is a personal journey and it’s absolutely worth giving it a try.​ I encourage every man to be brave and explore the positive potential of male masturbation.​ So, why not give it a go and see what happens…you might just surprise yourself!

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