mal mutual masturbation techniques

My friend, I’m so excited to talk about mutual masturbation techniques.​I mean, who doesn’t miss the sound of the wind chimes ringing and the birds singing in the background of a mutual exploration session?

When I first heard about mutual masturbation techniques, I was intrigued! Here was this seemingly forbidden practice, that could only be shared between two people who trusted each other.​ I knew I had to try it out for myself!

The first step was to find the right partner – someone who I trusted with my body, my mind and my deepest desires.​ Finding this person was a challenge, but eventually I connected with a friend who was up for the adventure.​

Next, it was time to experiment with different techniques.​ We started off slow and discussed what felt comfortable for each of us – we established some boundaries to make each of us feel safe.​ We experimented with varying speeds and techniques, using lubrication and breathing patterns to increase pleasure.​

We quickly discovered that communication was the key to a successful session.​ We talked about what felt pleasurable, and what felt intimidating.​ We experimented with different positions and touched one another in new ways.​

One of the techniques we tried was sharing a fantasy scenario while we were masturbating.​ This really allowed us to take the experience to a deeper level, as we opened up to one another about our inner desires.​ This technique was so intimate, yet extremely pleasurable.​

We had really amazing mutual masturbation sessions together.​ Our understanding and our connection deepened, and each session felt like an emotional adventure.​ We explored new heights of pleasure and trust, and always left our sessions feeling deeply satisfied.​

From these experiences we both learned about the healing power of mutual masturbation.​ We found that we were able to grow deeper as friends, and as lovers – learning more about ourselves and each other.​ I found mutual masturbation to be a truly beautiful practice.​

We started to explore different types of mutual masturbation, such as edging.​ Edging is a practice that involves building up pleasure while slowing down stimulation, then pushing the pleasure to its peak before slowing down and let it fade away.​ We found that it allowed us to control our orgasmic peaks and ramp up the pleasure.​

Another technique we explored was the usage of sex toys.​ We experimented with different vibrations, intensities and movements.​ By adding a toy into the mix, we were able to experience more pleasure and deeper stimulation.​

We also discovered the power of stroking techniques.​ We explored using light touches, as well as more pressure.​ We experimented with different motions and angles to find what felt pleasurable for each of us.​

Finally, we explored the power of eye contact.​ We stared into each other’s eyes, and it created a powerful connection between us.​ As we shared the pleasure with each other, it felt like every neuron in our brains was firing in tandem.​

Overall, exploring mutual masturbation techniques has been an amazing and deeply intimate experience.​ It’s opened up doors for deeper self-exploration, and has taught me to appreciate my body and the pleasure that I am capable of experiencing.​ It’s been a beautiful journey, and dildos one that I’m sure many others could benefit from.​

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