I’ve been struggling to come to terms with the real doll sex gig for a while now. I mean, I knew it was out there but I never wanted to accept it as a real social trend. It’s weird, uncomfortable and really strange.

I’m not sure if I should be angry, sad or disgusted; or if I should just accept it as part of our constantly-evolving world. I keep going back and Penis Rings forth between understanding and not understanding it; I hear people joke about it but deep down, I know it’s not right. On one hand, I get why some people may find it appealing – the idea of a silent, robotic partner who doesn’t require any emotional involvement – but on the other hand, it’s sad that so many people can be driven to go down that route due to lack of human connection.

The whole thing makes me feel helpless. People are lonely, sad and desperate to the point where they feel a doll is the only close companion they can get. It seems like an inanimate version of somebody and a superficial form of love. It’s definitely a mental issue but I don’t know how to solve, or even begin to address it.

I asked a few people about their opinion on the matter and many of them approached the issue with a sense of discomfort and mistrust. They seemed appalled at the idea and said it’s a sign of our society sinking lower and lower each day. Some were just flabbergasted that a real doll sex game actually exists.

I think the main problem with this ‘trend’ is that it’s simply not natural. People are social creatures and we are wired to need human contact; not love and Penis Rings accept a lifeless robot. It’s all intriguingly odd and it confuses me and it should obviously be discouraged. Still, it’s out there and people are engaged in it; and I suppose that even though it’s far from what I believe to be morally acceptable, it’s, unfortunately, the product of our reality.

In the grand scheme of things, most people still opt for the traditional way, but this alternative life-style has become increasingly popular and I must admit, I’m still quite partial to the idea. A real doll sex gig should never be encouraged, but it’s unique to experience it as well.

I thought, maybe if people engage in it, they too can get a sense of the loneliness, emptiness and numbness that it gives and hopefully realize that it’s not something they want to continue. I’m quite aware that the majority may just end up using the real doll just for sexual pleasure without thinking twice, but maybe even those that do could break away from it in the end.

One thing I know for sure is that this whole situation isn’t acceptable and a real doll sex gig is not the answer to our problems. People need to be creative in terms of finding a way to make a real connection with each other; be it in a happy relationship, friendly contact or a supportive family. What we need is real sex – not intimacy with a mass-produced doll.

We have to be mindful of our society and what we need, rather than just get drowned in the despair and loneliness of our world. The real doll sex gig is a strange issue and it has made me understand that we must all take initiative to reach out or be willing to accept help from others in order to prevent those that may think the only solution is this robotic form of intimacy.

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