I remember it like it was yesterday; my friend Tom telling me about his plans to go to a penis pump demonstration collecting sperm.​ I had no idea what that meant at the time, though I feigned intelligence and asked him questions about it.​

“Why would you go to something like that,” I asked, wondering if such a thing existed.​

“It’s a legitimate research project being undertaken by a couple of local medical professionals,” he informed me, “and I’ve been asked to help out.​”

I tried not to laugh at the idea, but couldn’t help it as I asked him, “What kind of research does it involve?”

“Well,” he began, a little hesitantly, “basically, the researchers will be looking at sperm samples from men who have been using a penis pump in order to try and increase the number of sperm present in the sample.​ It’s all part of a study to determine if the use of a penis pump can truly aid in fertility.​”

I was in disbelief that such a thing was being undertaken, and asked, “How does someone go about collecting sperm samples during a demonstration?”

“Well,” my friend informed me, “it’s actually quite straightforward.​ The demonstrators will set up a booth with the penis pumps, and then invite men to come in and put them to use.​ Once the men have done that, the researchers will collect a sample of their sperm and take it away to be analyzed.​”

I was really curious about this whole concept, so I had to ask if it was actually possible to gain anything useful from the research.​

“Absolutely,” Tom assured me.​ “It’s believed that the use of a penis pump during a demonstration can actually enhance sperm activity, which could then be used to create fertility treatments that could help couples have children.​”

I found it really inspiring that something as seemingly small as a penis pump demonstration collecting sperm could actually help a couple to conceive.​ It seemed too good to be true.​

After a few more questions, I discovered that the research was still in its early stages, and that the data collected during the penis pump demonstrations wouldn’t be enough to create a new fertility treatment.​ However, with more research, it’s believed that the use of a penis pump could become a viable fertility solution for sex toys couples struggling to conceive.​

Considering that sperm production declines with age, it’s not surprising that more and more couples are turning to penis pumps to boost their chances of conception.​ Not only do penis pumps help increase sperm production, they also offer a convenient way to produce large amounts of sperm without the need for fertility drugs or sex dolls invasive surgery.​

This has resulted in more couples turning to penis pumps to increase their chances of conception, particularly those who are older or have health issues that can decrease their sperm count.​ While it’s important to understand that a penis pump isn’t a surefire way to conceive, it certainly can increase the odds of making a baby, and should be considered by those who wish to have a child.​

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