I recently learned about the best way to heat male masturbators, and while I haven’t exactly tried it myself yet, I’m always looking for new ways to explore and expand my knowledge of sexual pleasure.​ I’m sure it’s something you’ve heard about too – whether it’s directly or indirectly – and I think it could be a really great experience.​

At first, I was apprehensive.​ I mean, sex toys using heat of any kind around the delicate areas of the body can seem pretty risky.​ But after a bit of research, and a great video tutorial, I’m starting to rethink that.​ It turns out that heating up your masturbator just right is definitely the way to go for the most unbounded pleasure.​

To start, you want to choose the right type of heat.​ A lot of reviews recommend heated water for your masturbator, but for maximum safety, go for the low-to-moderate range.​ You can also use a USB-heatable lubricant fantasy or similar product.​ It will be more discreet, and much more easily controlled – just plug it in and let the warmth take over.​

Things to keep in mind: the warmer you make your masturbator, the more intense the stimulation will be.​ You definitely don’t want to get it too hot and end up with a burned crotch.​ Also, keep the heat away from the more sensitive areas, like your head, neck, and armpits.​ Make sure you’re comfortable with the level of heat before you dive in.​

Another thing to consider is the length of time you’ll be using your heated masturbator.​ Try to stick with 10-15 minute increments.​ This will give you a chance to get used to the heat and enjoy the stimulation while also staying safe.​

And lastly, give yourself some recovery time.​ That includes cooling down the device in between every session and taking care of any sensitivity that may occur.​ Again, the key to having a safe and enjoyable experience with your heating device is checking in with yourself and remain aware of your level of comfort.​

Of course, having the right kind of masturbator is also important.​ Most reviews I read said that it’s best to go with a well-made one.​ That means investing in a quality product with the right materials and shape – something that will retain heat and deliver intense sensations in a safe way.​

I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am to finally give this a try.​ I just ordered a high-quality butterfly vibrator, heated lubricant, and all the necessary accoutrements.​ For me, it’s all about finding the best way to spice up my sexual life.​

Now that I’m armed with some heat-related tips and tricks, I’m ready to explore the possibilities.​ I’m going to start with the basics: slow and steady heating with a moderate temperature.​ I’m sure that before I know it, I’ll have taken my orgasms to a whole new level.​

Oh, and one more thing: I also heard about couple’s vibrators that you can control with your phone – how cool is that? I’m sure I’ll be trying out that one next! I can’t wait to start playing around with different heated toys, there’s so much to discover.​

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