I recently had the pleasure of trying out the new 4 thrusts 7 vibrations automatic thrusting waterproof male masturbator.​ And let me tell you, it was an experience! This little guy was rocking my world and had me begging for more.​

I have to say, as far as male pleasure toys go, this one was pretty amazing.​ It had 4 different thrusts and 7 different vibration settings that could be switched up and adjusted to get the perfect pleasure combination.​ Not to mention, it was fully waterproof and I could take it with me into the shower/ tub without any worries.​

The texture of the masturbator was so soft and smooth.​ It just melted into my skin and felt like heaven! Plus, the vibrations it gave off were out of this world.​ I’ve never felt anything like that before.​ All I can say is, my whole body was shaking with pleasure!

With the multi-speed thrusting, I was able to get exactly the kind of stimulation I wanted.​ It was like it was custom tailored just for me.​ Talk about a built in happy hour!

The best part was how silent this toy was.​ I hardly heard a peep from it, even when I was on the highest of settings.​ This is a definite plus, considering the walls in my house are paper thin.​

But, the thing that really sold me on this product was the fact that it was incredibly easy to use.​ It had a simple on/ off button and within a few seconds, I was ready to rock-n-roll.​

Overall, I’d say this product is definitely worth the investment.​ I’ve had a pretty good time using it– not to mention some pretty wild nights! So if you’re in the market for a high-powered pleasure toy, this might just be the thing for you.​

Second Section

The 4 thrusts 7 vibrations automatic thrusting waterproof male masturbator really takes the cake when it comes to solo pleasure.​ I felt like I had my own personal genie, working to make all of my wildest fantasies come true!

There was something so liberating about using this product.​ It felt like I had the power to move my body the way that felt the best, without any judgment or fear.​ I could shake, moan, and scream as loud as I wanted – nobody was around to hear me.​

I also loved how many different combinations I could have with this toy.​ I had all these different settings that I could switch between, and I could experience totally new and unique kinds of sensations.​ I built up and released with such intensity that I felt like I had been transported to some exotic land!

The power of this toy to produce an overwhelming amount of stimulation was amazing.​ I never would have thought that something so small and compact could have such a powerful punch! It even felt like I was getting “machine-like” pleasure.​

One other thing that I really liked was that, with the thrusting setting, I could actually simulate different kinds of sexual positions.​ It felt like I was exploring every nook and cranny inside my own body.​ Plus, I was able to go at my own pace, which is probably the best part.​

Overall, I’d give this toy 5 stars.​ It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s pleasure routine.​ If you’re in the market for a dynamic and highly stimulating male pleasure toy, this is the one to get!

Third Section

One of the greatest things about the 4 thrusts 7 vibrations automatic thrusting waterproof male masturbator is how much control it gives you over your pleasure.​ It felt like I had an unlimited repertoire of tricks up my sleeve and I could choose any combination I wanted.​

I loved being able to set the speeds and Penis Rings the thrusts to exactly the way I liked it and to have it match up with my every movement.​ Plus, with the vibrations, there was this wall of pure pleasure that was just driving me wild.​ I can’t even begin to express how amazing it felt.​

The versatility of this toy was something else.​ I could use it to simulate different sexual positions, or I could just go crazy and mix it up in any way I wanted.​ It felt like I had an infinite array of possibilities at my fingertips.​

The best part is that I could do all of this without any worries.​ It was totally waterproof so I could take it in the bath or shower and get my groove on with no fear of it getting wet.​ Plus, it was surprisingly quiet, so I didn’t have to worry about my neighbors hearing me.​

And unlike some other male pleasure toys, I didn’t have to worry about clean up either.​ This thing had a special “anti-bacterial” suction cup, so I didn’t have to worry about any weird smells or residue building up.​

Folks, if you’re looking for a powerful, multi-functional male pleasure toy, this might be the thing for you.​ It’s safe, versatile, and it produces incredible sensations.​ You just can’t beat it!

Fourth Section

Using the 4 thrusts 7 vibrations automatic thrusting waterproof male masturbator was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had with a pleasure toy.​ It felt like I had supercharged my bedroom routine and I felt like I was reaching new heights of pleasure with every session.​

I loved being able to explore and make my own combination of thrusts and vibrations and having the toy respond accordingly.​ There’s something about having that kind of control over your pleasure that just felt so empowering and liberating.​

Plus, I didn’t have to worry about the toy overheating or getting too hot.​ It was made with a special kind of sleeve, so it never felt too hot or uncomfortable.​

The multitasking capabilities of this toy were pretty incredible too.​ I could choose from any combination of thrusts, speeds, and vibrations, and create unique experiences every time.​ This gave me the freedom to discover and Penis Rings explore pleasure in ways I never thought were possible.​

I also loved how it was totally silent and I could take it anywhere with me.​ I didn’t have to worry about anyone hearing me and the waterproof design made it perfect for travel or taking on vacation.​

Overall, I’m amazed at what this little guy can do.​ If you’re looking for a powerful male pleasure toy that’s easy to use and packed with features, this is the one to get! You won’t regret it.​

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