It can be quite tricky to find the right sex toys that privately fit your needs without arousing the curiosity of other people. I have gone through various sex toy shopping journeys and yes, invariably, there have been some awkward moments.

For those of us that are seeking advice on how to buy sex toys privately, I wouldn’t really recommend venturing into a physical store and instead of trying online sources. After all, that way, you wouldn’t run the risk of bumping into somebody that you know!

In order to protect your privacy while shopping for sex toys online, your first concern should be to find a reputable online site. Often times, you can come across dodgy websites that won’t just deliver what you order but will annoy you with a barrage of emails, calls, and adverts. To avoid any of this, simply do your homework – read buyers’ reviews and look up the site’s reputation before you trust it.

Another thing to make sure of is the delivery company, which you don’t want to recognize. Look for sites that use plain packaging to deliver your order. So that you won’t have to worry about the obnoxious texts from your mother that, let’s face it, always have to come at the worst moment.

When it comes to payment, you should always double check that the website is secure. Additionally, for further privacy, you should prefer to pay by cash where possible. In case cash isn’t accepted, try to use prepaid card methods like Paysafecard, which is a great payment option to stay safe and anonymous.

Also, I would suggest avoiding any references to the sex toy in the payment method descriptions. We all know that a ‘Card Transaction of €50’ looks a lot less shocking than the truth! By opting for more discrete options, you can both make sure that you’re protected and that your privacy is preserved.

Aside from the obvious advantages of not having to face any embarrassment, there are some psychological benefits from buying sex toys privately. Purchasing a sex toy can be a private, personal moment between you and your body, free from any kind of judgement. In fact, owning your own sex toy can give you the confidence to explore your desires further, without feeling uncomfortable.

Now that we’ve discussed how to buy sex toys online, it’s time to check what kind of toys you should continue researching. If you’re new to sex toys, you definitely might find it daunting – and the abundance of options doesn’t help!

The go-to beginner sex toys for most people are definitely vibrators or dildos. As far as vibes go, in my opinion, the best are ones that are curved and can be angled directly to stimulate the g-spot. But it really does depend on personal preference and you need to test them all to know what works for you.

When it comes to exploration, it’s always best to see what fits your sexual tastes in terms of domination, bondage, and the likes. For example, vibrators, dildos, and anal beads can be a great way to experiment with different ways of reaching orgasm. On the other hand, anal plugs and chastity devices offer a different set of experiences, so just find something that makes you curious, try it out (privately, of course!) and observe how your body responds.

Lastly, when shopping for sex toys, one needs to be aware of safety. One must always check the material used and see if it is body-safe and non-toxic. Additionally, check out the winding instructions for vibes and how to clean things up after use. All these details can give you a good idea of what to choose, considering safety is paramount.

Being careful and thoughtful is always the best approach when shopping for sex toys. There could be many advantages and long-term benefits of patronizing pleasure products, but always the first step is buying them privately. With this guide and your own preferences in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect toy for yourself!

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