homemade male masturbator cornstartch

Manufacturers selling 65 cm palm Chloe silicone entity doll simulation dolls inflatable dolls ...Oh man, I just found out about this thing called a homemade male masturbator.​ I’m not sure if I should try it, but I guess it couldn’t hurt to just give it a shot and see what it’s all about.​ The homemade male masturbator is basically made out of cornstarch and it’s supposed to feel really stimulating for your penis while giving it a massage.​ I was a bit skeptical about it at first, I mean, cornstarch? But then I thought, why not give it a go?

So I put together my homemade male masturbator with the cornstarch, some Vaseline, some cooking oil and maybe a bit of essential oil.​ After mixing everything together, I got to work on making my very own DIY male masturbator.​ It was quite a process and it took me a little bit to get the consistency down right, but once I was done, I was so excited to use it.​

However, for the first time that I actually used it, I was thoroughly disappointed.​ The sensation was… Meh.​ I didn’t really feel anything and it wasn’t really stimulating either.​ It was almost like my penis was just getting a regular massage, nothing special.​ So I set out to fix it and after a few tweaks here and there, I finally nailed it.​

The second time when I used the homemade male masturbator with the cornstarch, it was an absolute revelation.​ It felt like my penis was being massaged and it was so stimulating that I almost couldn’t handle it.​ I felt the sensations travel all the way through me and it was simply amazing.​ I was starting to realize why other people were so into this kind of thing and I loved it.​

This homemade male masturbator with the cornstarch was definitely the right decision for me and it felt amazing.​ If you’re on the fence about trying it yourself, I would definitely recommend giving it a shot.​ You won’t regret it!

Now that I’ve already tried this homemade male masturbator with the cornstarch, I figured that I may as well check out some of the variations.​ To be honest, I’m pretty sure that I’ll find something that I like even better.​ For example, I’ve heard that adding a bit of warm water can really increase the sensation and make it even better.​ I’m definitely excited to try it.​

A few weeks later, I finally decided to take the plunge and give it a go.​ I mixed some warm water with the cornstarch and added some essential oils for flavour and scent.​ When I started using it, I could definitely feel the difference and it was even better than before.​ It felt like my penis was being massaged even more than before and the sensations were just out of this world.​

I’ve also heard about some people adding various vibrators and sex toys to their homemade male masturbator to really intensify the sensations.​ It seems like a great idea and I’m definitely considering giving that a try too.​ I mean, why not? I’m already enjoying my DIY male masturbator with the cornstarch so much – who knows what kind of pleasure I could reach with the addition of different sex toys?

Another trick that I’m looking into is adding some massage balls.​ The idea is to use these massage balls as a sort of ‘trigger point’ and when these massage balls are pressed against the parts of the penis that contain a lot of nerve-endings, it can cause a really intense pleasure.​ This is something that I’m really looking forward to trying and I’m sure it’s going to turn out amazing.​

So yeah, homemade male masturbator with the cornstarch has really been a fun and pleasurable adventure for me.​ I’m so glad that I decided to give it a try and I’m definitely going to continue exploring different variations.​ Who knows what kind of pleasure I can reach?

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