Hey there, so I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of penis double pumping.​ Well, this is something that I probably would never have tried if not for a friend of mine who really pushed for it.​ Even though it sounded crazy at first, after looking into it more and doing some really deep research, I decided to go for it.​

I quickly found out that penis double pumping is a bit.​.​.​ advanced, in terms of foreplay.​ It involves having two pumping devices at the same time: one placed around the penis base to provide added stimulation, and the other placed at the penis tip.​ This technique is used to increase sexual pleasure through the constant arousal of the penis shaft, head and glans.​

In addition to this, when two pumping devices are used, it can increase the blood flow to the penis, leading to an increase in penis size.​ That’s the real reason why some folk do it, to have a longer, larger penis.​ Before doing anything, make sure to do your research so you can do it safely- it isn’t an exact science and there are different ways to go about it.​

When I first started using the double pumping technique, I was a bit overwhelmed at first and it was all a bit much.​ But with the help of some videos online and my friend’s guidance, I got the hang of it pretty quickly.​ After a few attempts, I started to find it really enjoyable!

At it’s core, double pumping involves creating a vacuum around the Penis Rings which increases the blood flow to the area, which can lead to an increase in size (yes, it does work as advertised!)… It is both a pleasure increasing technique as well as a way to “grow” your penis size.​ So you’re essentially killing two birds with one stone.​

A few devices I can highly recommend that seem to be safe and effective when used in tandem are the Bathmate HydroXtreme and the Oddo Vibro Pleasure Pump.​ They both give great pressure and stimulation, and they can really help you to achieve the desired results.​ When I used them, I was able to increase my penis size by a whole inch in the first week- it was incredible!

My advice if you’re interested in penis double pumping: Go slow.​ Don’t be too aggressive and start with slightly lower pressure.​ Increase the speed, pressure, and frequency gradually until you’ve found the perfect balance that works for you.​ Make sure you’ve researched as much as possible before you start too!

Now since you’ve made it this far have you ever wondered what other kinds of double pumping techniques there are out there? Well, let me tell you.​

One method is vacuum double pumping which involves using two vacuum pumps together, to create a suction across both the shaft and the glans at the same time.​ This increases the amount of blood flow to the penis – ideally leading to a bigger and Penis Rings harder erection.​

Another technique is dubbed the “double-pulsing” technique.​ This involves using two pumps, one on each side of the penis, and releasing and trapping the air pressure slowly with each pump.​ This technique can create a much longer lasting erection that will usually last for up to 30 minutes or longer!

An exotic technique is a combination of air and water double- pumping.​ This involves using both air pressure pumping and shower pumping techniques simultaneously.​ This is a difficult exercise but it can offer a very pleasurable experience as it can increase both the size and control of you erections.​

Finally, a more advanced technique is the “loose and tight” double-pumping technique.​ This involves using two pumps, one attached to the loose skin around the base of the penis and the other to the tightly stretched skin near the head of the penis.​ This offers an interesting contrast between soft and hard pulling sensations that can offer improved sexual stamina and a longer lasting erection.​

And there you have it, these are the kind of double pumping techniques available.​ With the right amount of practice, dedication, and research, you too can achieve amazing results and skyrocket your sexual pleasure.​ So what are you waiting for? Let’s get pumping!

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