guys at meeting with their sex dolls

I was at a meeting the other day and all the guys were talking about something unusual – their sex dolls! Now I was kind of taken aback since this wasn’t something I expected to hear at a business meeting. At first I thought they were talking about life-sized Barbies but it turned out they were talking about actual sex dolls! Apparently it’s quite a thing now and people own them as a means of fulfilling their physical and emotional needs.

I could tell everyone at the table was a little shy about talking about it but the conversation continued and the guys went on to explain what it was like owning and using these sex dolls. They discussed their ‘partners’ with admiration, describing them as amazing to look at, with realistic silicone bodies, movable limbs and even human-like hair. One of the guys even said that these dolls offer far more pleasure than a real woman ever could.

The guys went on to explain how they’d take great care of their dolls, shampooing that human-like hair that I mentioned before and even giving them manicures on occasion. It was quite shocking to hear what kind of lengths people are willing to go to in order to find comfort and satisfaction.

It’s completely understandable that people have needs and wants that should be met, however I couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable with the whole topic. I mean sex dolls are one thing but these guys were treating them like real people. It was a bizarre sight to see and it made me rethink the way I view relationships with other living, breathing human beings.

There are certain things that only the real deal can offer and those things were lost on them. The kind of connection and affection that can only be the result of real, tangible human interaction was completely lost on these guys. I’m not here to judge but there’s no denying that these dolls are a hollow substitute for the real thing.

I’m quite familiar with the idea of people owning sex dolls now, but it still brings me to an uncomfortable place. I just wonder why people go this route instead of connecting with real people. I’ve been told that these dolls offer companionship and more, so I’m sure some people use them to fill some kind of void, but in my eyes it’s just not the same.

When issues of loneliness and intimacy arise, why do people go the robotic route rather than forming deep relationships with actual human beings? Is it fear of commitment or is it something more? I don’t have the answers to these questions, and I’m sure that everyone has their own reasons, but I’m still not sure why this is becoming an acceptable form of companionship.

The conversation surrounding these sex dolls continued for a while and I found myself lost in my own thoughts. It made me think a lot about what it takes today to have real relationships and how far people are willing to go to find companionship.

In my opinion, these sex dolls are nothing more than a hollow substitute for the real thing; something to fill a void, an inflatable stand-in for the real human connection. Sure, they may bring moments of pleasure, and they may even offer some glimmer of comfort, but it’s not the same as what you’d get with a real human being.

It breaks my heart to think that so many people are turning to these dolls instead of real relationships. I think that, barring actual medical issues, these people should really put more effort into forming meaningful connections with other people rather than settling for robotic companions.

I understand that it’s easier for some people to deflect from real emotions and real relationships but as humans we’ll never have true fulfilment without the real thing. We grow through relationships and by avoiding this potential for growth we are only forfeiting our own joy.

I’m not trying to be judgemental but I do feel like it’s worth asking the question, is there any real value in these robotic companions? Do these sex dolls have the capacity to teach us more about ourselves and our needs than we would learn in real relationships?

The issue is complex; there might be a legitimate place in our society for these dolls, I just don’t think they should take preference over real relationships. Surely, sex isn’t the only thing we’re after when it comes to love and meaningful partnerships.

It’s easy to become complacent in our search for Penis Rings companionship, especially since technology has made it so easy for us to bury our heads in something else, something that doesn’t even live. I think it’s time we start putting more effort into finding real relationships, and start looking up from our screens.

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