can sex dolls help heartbreak

My best friend just had her heart broken. She was devastated and I was worried about how she was going to deal with her emotions. I had heard of people using sex dolls to help them cope with heartbreak and I was curious if it would help her.

I asked her if she was interested in talking about it, and surprisingly enough, she was. She said she was open to the idea of exploring unconventional solutions to her heartache and asked me about the sex dolls.

I told her about the benefits of sex dolls and how they could provide comfort and comfort a person who was going through a trying time. I explained to her the importance of having a release that was just for herself and how a sex doll could provide that. She seemed intrigued by the idea, though she struggled to wrap her head around it.

I suggested that the legality of owning a sex doll wasn’t a problem and that she could always use online companies or specialized stores for a curated selection. Suddenly, my friend jumped in and asked what type of sex doll would be best for her.

I told her that different dolls certainly offered different activities, as well as various levels of physical and emotional connection. I suggested that she look into a doll that she found comforting and that could provide the type of movements and activities that could help relax her.

Meanwhile, I wanted her to focus on her own needs and what kind of comfort she specifically wanted out of the sex doll. I asked her to take a moment to think about what she really wanted the doll to provide her with.

To this, she shared with me how she wanted to feel comforted, free to explore her newfound emotions, and most importantly, she wanted the doll to provide her with a sense of relief. It was then that I told her that whatever kind of doll she got, it could surely provide her with the emotional support she was seeking.

Having discussed this option with her, I shared a few stories of people that used this to help them cope with traumatic events similar to her own. She seemed to appreciate that the stories had a happy ending and that the sex doll could potentially help her cope with her heartbreak, vibrators too.

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