bob and tom when he gets a penis pump

Sex Dolls That Talk Back - The New York TimesBob and Tom When He Got A Penis Pump

I’m not quite sure what I expected when I heard that Bob and Tom were getting a penis pump, but this was something else.​ I was a bit shocked.​ They had been talking about it for quite a while, but I thought it was just a silly joke between them.​ Turns out, they were serious and went out and bought one for each of them.​

At first, my reaction was disbelief.​ I mean, really? Who gets a penis pump? I had never seen or heard of anyone doing it before.​ But what did I know? After all, Tom had a lot of experience with these kinds of things.​ He was always experimenting with new things and was never scared to try something new.​

So, I decided to not get too judgemental and went with it.​ It was their own choice and they had the right to do whatever they wanted.​ I knew they both really cared about their health and well being so I figured whatever they were doing must be beneficial in some way.​

That’s when they told me about the Penis Rings pump.​ They said it was supposed to help with male performance, increase sensitivity, and create a stronger, more powerful erection.​ I thought it sounded kind of cool and vibrators like it could be really helpful.​ About the same time, Bob asked me what I thought and if I wanted to join them in the venture.​

At the time, I was hesitant.​ I mean, it seemed like a really bold move and I wasn’t sure if I could do it.​ After all, it’s not every day that you decide to get a penis pump.​ But Tom said it was perfectly safe and that he had done all the research.​ He said it had plenty of benefits and that it was definitely worth trying out.​ So, out of curiosity, I agreed to give it a go too.​

It turns out that the penis pump really worked.​ We all felt the results almost immediately.​ We were all really happy with the changes and it even made us feel more confident.​ We had a lot of fun with it too! We would take turns using it and we would all laugh and joke about our experiences as we went along.​

The penis pump certainly didn’t cure all of our problems, but it certainly did give us an extra boost and made us feel even better than we already did.​ I’m glad we decided to take the plunge and get it.​ We all learned a lot and it was definitely a worthwhile experience for us all.​

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