black king kong penis pump how to use

I recently got a Black King Kong penis pump and I was both excited and anxious to use it.​ After all, the description (which led me to believe that it was a fantastic device) made me a bit worried that I would do something wrong with it and hurt myself.​ I enthusiastically opened the box, and read all of the instructions of how to use the pump correctly.​ Here it comes all the details I needed to learn:

First off, it was safe to use the pump because I had read about all the safety tips before using it.​ I had to make sure to lubricate the cylinder correctly; to only use it in 10 minute intervals and to make sure I was constantly checking the pressure of the vacuum.​ In addition, there were different modes available on the device to stimulate the penis.​

I started with the lowest of all settings.​ I could feel a slight pulling sensation, which was really enjoyable and satisfying.​ With time, I started to increase the pressure and the intensity and the feeling was coming strong.​ It felt a bit weird at first, vibrators but the sensations were growing into something I had never felt before; a mix of pleasure and discomfort.​

What I enjoyed most is that the device gave me the ability to reach climax way more easily.​ The suction felt like a massage, and I ended up feeling a lot more limber and dildos even gained a centimeter or two in length.​

But perhaps the greatest advantage was the huge increase in ejaculate volume.​ I felt my balls growing larger and when the orgasm arrived, the feeling was incredible and the ejaculate was abundantly shooting out.​ I could really feel the difference.​

Finally, it boils down to a few important tips: always make sure to apply water-based lubricants to the cylinders before using and never underestimate the importance of correctly following the instructions.​ With the Black King Kong penis pump, I’m confident it can help any man get bigger and better.​

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