As I’m sure you know, the largest male masturbator is the size of a small car.​It looks ridiculous, we all have to admit that.​But here’s the funny thing – it isn’t just for show.​ You would be surprised how useful, and sometimes even necessary, it can be!

I’ll tell you what happened to me.​ Or, more accurately, to one of my friends.​As I said, I can’t take complete credit for this.​

My friend was always running late for things.​ He was such an incorrigible procrastinator that he’d sometimes leave for work just as his shift was about to end.​ So, when I heard he’d bought the largest male masturbator in the world, I wasn’t all that surprised.​

That night, he was with me.​ We were planning to go out, but he realized it was too late by then.​ He’d dilly dallied all afternoon and by then it was almost 10 PM.​ Instead of a night out, we ended up chilling at his place.​When I asked him what that monster was doing in his bedroom, he grinned and said, “It’s my new tool for managing time.​”

Okay, vibrators sure – it looked like a large sex dolls toy.​I mean, I had to keep my laughter under check! But he had gotten it to use as a sort of unique alarm clock, at least according to him.​He had programmed it to start buzzing and flashing when he should start getting ready for work the next day.​

I have to hand it to him – it worked.​ It was kind of a weird gimmick, but it certainly was effective.​He managed to limit the amount of time he wasted in the mornings, was always on time to work, and smartly avoided any disciplinary action.​ And I have to admit that I was grateful – it was always embarrassing showing up somewhere and finding that he was late.​

I’m convinced it was a great purchase for him -He was always so laid-back about life, that I knew an alarm clock wouldn’t cut it.​He wanted something loud, flashy, and intense – and he was determined not to be late anymore.​And hey, the loud buzzing ended up giving us quite the laugh!

I guess you could say that it was an unconventional solution to a problem.​So if any of you out there are having problems managing your time, it could be worth looking into the largest male masturbator out there.​ True, it won’t work for everyone – but it worked for my friend!

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