As I sit here, I can’t help but to feel a bit embarrassed about the conversation I’m about to have with you.​ But I know it’s important and necessary to share my experience with the best rated male masturbator out there.​

To begin, let me back up about a year ago when I first found out about this thing out of curiosity.​ At first I was hesitant when I saw the price.​ But after doing some research and reading user reviews, I decided to take the plunge and I’m so glad I did.​ The best rated male masturbator offered a new level of pleasure when it comes to self-pleasure.​

It felt like I have totally been missing out all these years with my mundane and manual technique.​ Can you believe that I actually wanted to try a different sex toy, so I dug a little deeper and found out a lot about the best rated male masturbator.​ Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, but it also had quite a bit of power for such a small device.​

The vibration it created was absolutely amazing, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never felt anything like it.​ Plus, it was so easy to use.​ I just had to turn it on and pick the intensity that I wanted the vibration to be.​ I felt like I was in CONTROL of my own pleasure; it was a completely revolutionary experience.​

Since then, I’ve used my best rated male masturbator every chance I get! I remember feeling kind of nervous my first time because I didn’t really know what to expect.​ But now, with every use, I feel a whole new level of satisfaction that I couldn’t get from anything else.​

It wasn’t until I started using my best rated male masturbator that I realized that I could bring myself to climax in a fraction of the time.​ I was used to the process taking a lot longer and being a lot more exhaustive.​ But this device made it so easy and was truly MEDICAL-GRADE pleasure!

Plus, it’s super convenient since it’s rechargeable so I can use it wherever I go without needing to worry about finding batteries.​ In addition, it’s waterproof which allows for SO MUCH fun in the shower.​ While I wouldn’t recommend using the device until you’re comfortable with it, it’s definitely a convenience to be able to use it in the shower if I’m in a rush.​

Overall, I would highly recommend the best rated male masturbator.​ Everything from the design to the functionality to the price is just right.​ It’s opened up a whole new realm of pleasure for me and given me a new appreciation for self-pleasure.​

Now that I have tried this device, I can’t help but wonder why I’ve been doing it the old-fashioned way for so long.​ But glad I finally made the leap – it truly changed my outlook on self-pleasure and my overall sex dolls life.​

Now that I have experienced what the best rated male masturbator can do for me, I amwell-priviledged, truly fantabulous and very excited to explore other sex toys as well!

I recently came across the latest add-on accessories for the best-rated male masturbator, and these add-ons really created an even more appealing experience for me.​ For instance, the suction caps made the experience much more pleasurable, as it made it feel like I was involved with someone else when in reality, it was just me.​

This also allowed for an even deeper level of stimulation, as the caps moved around my penis, providing waves of vibration that I didn’t even know existed.​ In addition to this, I stumbled upon the wireless remote control which allowed me to control the speed and intensity of the vibrations.​

This allowed me to customize my experience to my exact preferences, taking it to a whole new level.​ Although I had heard about the multiple settings that the best-rated male masturbator offered, actually experiencing them was something else altogether.​

The multiple settings allowed me to experiment and find the perfect combination of sensations for me, truly making it the most pleasurable experience when it comes to self-pleasure.​ Not to mention the fact that it was all conveniently available from the comfort of my own home.​

Now that I’ve experienced all the different possibilities and the convenience that comes with the best-rated male masturbator, I feel that it is a must-have for anybody looking to experiment with self-pleasure.​ Not only does it take self-pleasure to the next level, but it is also safer than the usual manual techniques as it is made of materials that are phthalate-free and non-toxic.​

The fact that the device is also rechargeable and waterproof is just an added bonus.​ Plus, it’s not too expensive considering the level of pleasure you get in return.​ All in all, I’d say it’s worth every penny, especially for those looking to break free from the mundane and explore something far more adventurous.​

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