a large flat locking case to store dildos and vibrators

My friend comes over and I show them my latest purchase – a big, bulky, black flat locking case. “What’s with this?” they ask, and I’m happy to explain. “This case is specifically for my dildos and vibrators. It’s all securely locked inside, so no one will know what’s really inside”.

I just moved and this was a priority on my to-do list. I’d heard horror stories of roommates coming across someone’s toys and was not about to become one of them. So, I did some research and found this case. It’s perfect for protecting my sex toys – and ensuring their lifespan – against prying eyes.

Its finish is super smooth and its edges are rounded off, so it looks neat and smart when it’s sitting on my shelf. I don’t have to worry about anyone unlocking it – not unless I’m the one to give them the combination or key. That means I can rest assured that my dildos and vibrators are safe and sound. And I also love that it comes with a soft bottomed lining to avoid any scratches or dings.

I also like that the case is made of thick heavy-duty nylon. So I know that if I want to take it with me, it’ll survive – no matter what. Most importantly, the size and shape of the case allows me to store a good number of my favourite toys without taking up a lot of shelf space.

It was worth every penny and I’m so glad I decided to invest in it. It’s definitely satisfying, to know that my little playthings are well taken care of – in a safe, neat and lockable place. And I can enjoy playing with them without the worry of someone walking in unannounced.

I’ve also found myself feeling apologetic if someone asks me what’s inside my flat locking case. What would I say? “Oh, don’t worry, they’re just my dildos and vibrators“? That would probably be too much information. But it’s great to know that I have this sense of security, whether I’m at home or away.

Overall, I’m really happy with this flat locking case. Not only does it store my toys securely, but it also looks great and is very functional. Whenever I need a dildo or vibrator I know exactly where to look – no guesswork required! Plus it encourages me to be more responsible with my sexual health – not that I wasn’t already – as I can store my toys hygienically, and ready for my next playtime.

What do you think of this locking case, Friend? Can you see yourself investing in one too?7 Dog Toys That Would Fit Right In At An Adult Store - BarkPost

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